Get to know the basics of logging in to your Hotmail account

Hotmail has evolved into something better compared to before, as time goes by. It made a huge improvement, and a lot of people are getting hooked to this site. Currently, hotmail is known to be as Outlook since it comes under a live product web site. Visiting or logging into the page of Hotmail, you need to go to mail.live.com because even if you enter Hotmail, you will still find yourself on the same page. Basically, it is all about user preference. Hotmail is being operated by Microsoft that is a free-based email service. When it was launched, it was one of the first and unique of its kind. When it comes to hotmail login, there are a series of steps that you have to go through:


• A sign up page will be the first one that will welcome you. It is a page for new accounts to sign up, and where an existing user can log in too. If you happen to be a loyal Hotmail user and have been enjoying their services ever since, then you got to have the privilege to receive a free 5GB space which is also equipped with improvised security and spam filters. The log in page contains an extremely simple interface, so it is easy and fast to load.

• The Outlook page will just open up, and you will find that there are two sections present. The left side is intended for new users to sign up, while the right is for old members of Hotmail to log in. They just simply want to ask for your email ID together with your password.

• Once you have entered your email ID and your password, the site will provide you an option whether you want them to remember your ID and password or not. If you want to save yourself from all the hassles, then you might want to check the “remember me on this computer” box. The system will then generate a cookie that will keep your email address as well as you password whenever you open the log in page. However, the system will only remember the user if they utilize the same browser.

• After signing Hotmail in with the correct email ID and password, you can now view all of your emails, as well as sending mails too. Just in case that you have given out wrong information like an incorrect email ID or password, a screen message will pop out and inform you. Being considered as one of the many free email providers, the popularity and benefits it provides turned to be the center of attraction for most people. In addition, it also became an element of success. With the easy navigation on its page, there is no more need of using a mouse because all you need to have is a keyboard. Hotmail has proved to be noteworthy turning point in the entire history of Internet, as well as e-communication. There is nothing more to ask for when it comes to this extremely amazing site.

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